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Struggling with a Talkative Child in School

I have a child who is passionate about sharing his thoughts with others—a 9-year-old boy who loves to lead, imagine, play, and create. He speaks to both adults and peers the same.

And sometimes the way he communicates is intense, loud, and can even come off as rude or argumentative.

He is stubborn, wants to do things his way, and can be selfish. He internalizes his emotions when away from home, which can lead others to think he doesn’t care.

But he loves with his whole self and is extremely loyal. And all he wants is to be accepted and to be shown that he is cared for.

He is very smart—often an A student. But his mouth frequently gets him in trouble. His greatest challenge is keeping his mouth shut. So he finds himself in trouble with authority frequently. And his peers dislike his inability to keep quiet.aid3965619-728px-avoid-being-talkative-step-2

School is a challenge.

Discipline results in a loss of privileges to talk with his peers—no recess, exclusion from celebrations, sitting alone at lunch.

I do not sugar coat my child’s behavior. I know that he is not perfect, or the type of student that every teacher dreams of having in his or her classroom. In fact, most teachers would probably dread having him in their class because his talking is disruptive and off task.

Yet I, as a parent and former educator, struggle with accepting the choices that are made for my son because of his faults.

He talks too much and is constantly told to stop talking and is yelled at by his classmates to shut up. He gets sent to the office to do his work so the rest in his class can focus and he can as well.

He misses recess and is therefore prevented from talking when it is a time where he is permitted to talk.

He comes home defeated because no one likes when he talks—because he is constantly told this throughout his day.

At school, talking is his addiction. Yet no one helps him to control it. He is offered punishments when he doesn’t comply and rewards when he does. But there is no system to help manage his addiction.

As a parent, I am asked to punish him at home for his behavior in school—talking.

I try my best to show my understanding with his educators. In no way do I want to be confrontational or act in a way that alludes educators to think I am defending my son’s behavior.

He is not perfect. He has faults.

He could probably be categorized at ADD in school, but medication is not a solution I am willing to accept.

But is it wrong of me to want to scream at the top of my lungs that the people he is with for 35 hours a week need to raise him up, not bring him down?

If he doesn’t respond to material rewards, explore other options.

He is not a hopeless cause.

But if he is treated like one, he may one day shut up and no longer share anymore. And if that does happen, then the situation will take a drastic turn.

Praying for clarity, peace, love, and understanding. And most of all, help.


My Third Pregnancy: Overcoming the Challenges & Road Blocks

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.41.53 PM
My baby bump @ 31 weeks

Long before finding out I had my third baby boy on the way, I had a premonition that a third pregnancy would not be easy. I was correct. 🙂

Right off the rip I suffered from nausea—nearly all food made me want to vomit. Ham and bacon were completely off limits. Anything plain, bland, or filled with carbs was doable . . . of course.

Because I wanted to pack on the pounds, ha! 😉 

Everything else made me want plug my nose, close my eyes, and curl up in a ball on my bed. Especially the smell of urine.

Then, at about 11 weeks, I was hit with a cold virus and I could not stop coughing, for weeks. At the start, I developed a fever that lasted 7 days, and I was told to take Tylenol to keep it down. (And this was a complete mind crunch for me because of all the negatives plastered about on the Internet regarding Tylenol and pregnancy. With each pill popped I felt like the world’s worst mother.)

Finally, after a week of Tylenol and endless fits of coughing, my Dr. put me on a 10-day antibiotic. Again, not recommended unless absolutely necessary when pregnant. It was a lose-lose situation. So I caved and took the meds.

Next, my 20 week sono showed a discrepancy in my baby boy’s heart. Of course, memories of my decision to take Tylenol for seven days, and then 10 days of antibiotics, came back to slap me in the face. I questioned whether or not this discrepancy was my doing. 

I learned that one of my baby’s heart valves was measuring shorter than the others. Because of this I was subjected to a 45 min. fetal echo cardiogram.

Not fun.

Thankfully, all turned out normal. However the worrying simply sucked.

A few weeks later I had a dermatology appointment and had two questionable moles removed. Instead of receiving the paper in the mail, I received the dreaded phone call. Thankfully, one of the moles was completely fine. The other, however, was atypical and will need to be looked at again in 3 months. But other than that, all was good.

And then finally, at 28 weeks, I took the Glucose Intolerance Test. Of course I failed. 🙂 So I was subjected to the 3-hour test—a test where fasting is required.

Again, I passed. However, the test itself was pure torture. I have low blood pressure, so not being able to eat for 12 hours made it all the worse. About an hour and a half into the test I started to get lightheaded, my heart started to race, and my hearing went wonky. I had to lie down—on the floor in the waiting room—in order for the dizzy spell to pass. Had I not, my body would have met the ground anyways.

The best part: not one person came over to me to ask if I was OK. Either people just don’t care enough about others or no one saw the pregnant lady on the ground. 🙂 Part of me is glad no one came over. I probably would have shooed them away anyways!

After that, my blood was taken for the second time (your blood is taken 4 times during the 3-hour test) and I then decided camp out on the floor of the bathroom for next 45 minutes because my body was still shaky.

That was a low point. When I got home, I changed my clothes and tossed the bathroom-floor germ infested ones into the washer. 

I did make it through the test, but felt like crap for the rest of the day. It seriously drains your body of all energy.

The next day I felt great, however.

Presently I am 32 1/2 weeks. I’m measuring at 34 weeks … go figure. But all is good. My little man is very mobile (as seen in video below!) and my family and I are anxiously awaiting his arrive on July 25th (unless he decides to join us sooner 😉 )

If you’re pregnant, how has your pregnancy gone? I would love to hear about your experiences! Feel free to share in the comments!



Natural Beauty Tips from a Pregnant Mamma

When I was 20 my skin changed. I broke out more than I did in high school. Perhaps it was the food I was eating or a change in hormones. Either way, it was awful and embarrassing. And it only continued.

Then, when I turned 30 I developed several eye allergies. I spentScreen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.27.39 PM one summer visiting my eye doctor and using steroid drops to fix the extreme inflammation that was consistently occurring in one of my eyes. The doctor said that if the issues continued, I’d need to have eye surgery. No thanks!

But guess what? I didn’t have an “eye issue.” My shampoo and makeup caused these issues. I figured this out, not my doctor.

One day I had an epiphany; I changed my shampoo and my makeup and discovered that the majority of my skin and eye issues were due to the products I was using … 10 years later I finally had a clue!

Currently, I am six months pregnant with my third son. Each of my previous pregnancies led to a face filled with acne and an unhappy mama. This time around, however, my skin is nearly flawless. And I still wear a little makeup to brighten up my look.

So what gives? Check out my Natural Beauty Regime Tips below:

#1. Drink Water with Lemon, Every Single Day.

I am not a fan of plain water. However, hydration is super important—and especially so when you’re pregnant. Hence, I had to figure out a way to get more water in me. Lemons were my answer.

Each week I purchase lemons—an investment that honestly does not break the bank, especially when shopping at Aldis. I cut those suckers up and add them to my water every single day. Along with a few ice cubes, this mamma is set for staying hydrated throughout the day.

#2. Cleanse Your Face, Sparingly

Over washing can dry out your skin, cause more breakouts, and send you into an emotional  tornado. I used to wake up and wash my face. Not anymore. The only time I was my face is at the end of the day. However, I first start with a  cotton ball and little coconut oil.

Coconut oil is an incredible natural makeup remover. If you get it near your eyes, it’s not a big deal. Plus, this stuff will gently remove all of your eye makeup. For me, this was a fabulous discovery! I rub the cotton ball all over my face to first get the majority of makeup off of my skin and to help cleanse my pores as well.

Next, I wash my face with Pure Haven Essentials (formerly known as Ava Anderson) facial cleanser. This cleanser is gentle, does not contain water, and is jam-packed with essential oils. Some may consider it to be a bit on the pricey side; however, the product will last for months.

Finally, as previously mentioned, I do not wash my face in the morning. But if I do wake up feeling a bit grimy, I will squirt a few drops of rubbing alcohol mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball to cleanse my skin. Now, rubbing alcohol can be drying. And I am in the process of switching up this little concoction with a natural witch hazel product that I just purchased. (For months I’ve only had the rubbing alcohol on hand.) I will let you know how the change goes!

#3. Moisturize with a Natural Product

There are a butt load of facial moisturizing products on the market. But guess what? The majority of these products are bogus. They contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, PEG compounds, and sodium laurel sulfate—cosmetic chemicals that you want to avoid. Remember, our skin is a largest organ and everything that we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream. Better to be safe than sorry!

Therefore, I suggest investing in a natural moisturizer from an honest company which prides itself in producing chemical-free products. Again, check out Pure Haven Essentials (formerly known as Ava Anderson). For months I have been using their Citrus Body Butter, on my face, and I absolutely LOVE it. Best of all, a tiny bit goes a LONG WAY. This stuff will last you forever.

Another option is the Exquisite Facial Moisturizer by Radiantly You. This company is wonderful. Shipping can be a bit high, but the products are completely legit. If you prefer a facial serum, there is that option as well. I have yet to try either of these products, but I have used several others from the company (specially their cleaning products) and I can confidently say that I trust these products will work wonders on your skin. (And I have friends and family who use the moisturizer and swear by it!) Again, these products will also last you forever.

#4. Opt for Natural Shampoo and Pure Cosmetics

Hair Care: For over a year I have tried several natural shampoos—bars, liqu, no-poos. I can confidently say that I hate the natural bar shampoos. I have thick, naturally wavy/curly hair. My hair does not adjust well to a natural bar shampoo. Instead, it absorbs the oils in the bar and becomes greasy. And greasy hair is not attractive. 😀

Just a few months ago I decided to take a financial plunge and ordered a shampoo from 100% Pure Cosmetics. The reviews raved about the product and I was ready to make a switch.

My discovery: the Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo is amazing!! While it is recommended for those with flat, thin hair, the product works perfectly for someone who has thick, curly hair. Additionally, I purchased my 13 oz. bottle on Feb. 2nd. I still have about 1/4 of the bottle remaining. Therefore, as of this writing, it has lasted me 3 months! Definitely worth the purchase.

Cosmetics: Makeup and I have a love-hate relationship. I love makeup. Yet my skin and eyes hate most makeup. 🙂 Sometimes I watch the online makeup tutorials and cringe when I see the brands being used—but not because I’m anti-drugstore makeup. I cannot use any of these products myself. I react to all of them. Especially eye products.

So, I’ve had to venture outside of convenience and into ingredient research. I’ve learned that the less, the better.

A few of my favorite brands are Tarte, 100% Pure Cosmetics, and Pure Haven Essentials. My eyes do not react to 100 % Pure’s eyeliner or mascara, or to the Pure Haven Essentials mascara. My face does not break out from Tarte’s Under-Eye Corrector or Pressed Finishing Powder. I’m also in love with 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer. (I will actually use it as a foundation at times, and it works beautifully for me.)

Enough about me! What are your favorite products? I LOVE discovering new finds and would love for you to share your must-haves with me!

*Please Note: these are my own personal opinions and suggestions. Not everything that works for me may work for you. And I am not receiving $$$ or free products for my opinions. Just plain old honestly from one beauty lover to another. 😉

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